Never lose a pin again!
Use one hand to adjust pole
Save time and energy
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Dapple Equine Original Rubber-Coated Horse Jump Cups

Durable One Piece Unit! 
Never worry about losing a jump cup pin again with this innovative, single unit horse jump cup that features rubber coated, high quality, professional grade steel. No fuss, no banging out stuck pins! You can change this cup with one hand. The 3/8″ diameter pin arm fits easily into the standard 1/2″ pin hole found in commercial and home-made jump standards.

The rubber coated steel insures that your jump cups will have durability and a long life in your jump ring in all weather conditions! The rubber coating will not crack, chip, or peel.

“The great thing about using Dapple cups is that you can adjust the poles without having to set the pole on the ground. It can all be done with one hand!” This saves time and energy.

The cup shape and depth are suitable to maximizing safety as they possess smooth, soft edges rather than the jagged square shape seen in old style cups.

The Dapple cup meets USEA specifications. Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Dapple Equine Jump Cup: $24/pair

PVC/Vinyl Horse Jump Cups

Same construction, materials, and benefits as our original horse jump cups, these cups are designed for use with PVC standards that contain a ‘hollow’ 4×4. The shank or arm of the cup is slightly longer to ensure that it will span the entire 4×4 post. *****These cups can also be used with wooden jump standards.

Dapple Equine Cup for PVC/Vinyl Jumps: $24/pair


Dapple Equine Flat Cups for Gates

Same construction materials and benefits as our original horse jump cups, these cups are designed to hold heavy gates and planks. Rather than a flat design, they are slightly curved to encourage planks and gates to stay put but allow the them to slide off in the event that a horse hits the jump hard. This leaves your jump standards intact and standing!

Dapple Equine Flat Cups for Gates


All jumps featured on this site are designed and sold by Old Dominion Horse Jump Company and feature Dapple Equine horse jump cups.